Present your loved ones with a WOOW.SHOPPING gift voucher or directly with an article from our shop.
Before every birthday, every wedding anniversary and every Christmas we are faced with the same question: What should I give as a present? A gift voucher as a credit or as a product from our shop is the answer.
Would you like to give a small gift to a friend or loved one as a thank you? Or would you like a little more for the wedding? they determine the value of the gift voucher – from 5 to 2250 €. Much more than just a shopping experience.
Simply choose the design that best suits the recipient from the various voucher templates. Send a “congratulations” to your friends by email with a birthday voucher, or make your loved ones happy for Christmas.

And this is how it works:
For every article that is offered for sale at WOOW.SHOPPING, a button appears on the product page with the note “Give this article away”.
You then have the opportunity to give this item to a friend or loved one as a gift.

In the first step, click on the button give this item away.

In the second step, you pay for the item for your recipient.

In the third step, the recipient will be informed by email that you have bought this item as a gift for them.

In the fourth step, the recipient can order the gift on WOOW.SHOPPING via a link in the email and have the item delivered to their home.
Our 200-day right of return for VIP members and 30 days for all other customers is of course also effective for this form of purchase.

In the fifth step you will receive an email that the person receiving the gift has accepted the item and ordered it.
It’s that easy!

Alternatively, you can have any amount given away as a gift voucher.

And this is how it works:
Choose the design and message for the gift card
We send the voucher directly to the recipient’s email inbox.
The gift voucher has no minimum order value. And the gift voucher is valid until the credit is used up – with no time limit.
Of course, you can still exercise your right of return when ordering the goods using a voucher. Then the corresponding value will be credited to you at WOOW.SHOPPING and you can use the credit for your next order.

You can purchase a gift voucher for loved ones here.
Or give away an article directly from the shop!
Here you can get it straight to the shop.

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